TOEFL is a test of the English language in foreign countries. It is a standardized test to measure the English of non-native speakers willing to apply to American Universities. All English language academies and professional bodies accept it. It is one of the two major tests for the English language along with IELTS. TOEFL is an ETS (Educational Testing Service) trademark.

Types of TOEFL test

There are mainly two types of TOEFL:


IBT stands for the TOEFL internet bases test. This test has taken over the older TOEFL CBT (TOEFL Computer-based Test) test. TOEFL CBT was terminated in 2006, and the scores are not valid. Where internet and computer facilities are available, the TOEFL IBT test is taken. Most of the test centers in the world had an internet-based testing system for TOEFL.


PBT stands for Paper Based Test. In the areas of the world where internet facilities and Computers are not available, TOEFL paper-based testing is done. It is now replaced by TOEFL PDT, Paper Delivered Test from 2017. The test pattern and Scoring are different from the TOEFL IBT.

Other Types of TOEFL tests:
1. TOEFL Junior:

TOEFL junior is an assessment of middle school level English Proficiency Test. TOEFL junior standard is paper-based, while TOEFL junior comprehensive is a computer-based exam. Subjects for TOEFL junior standard are Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Language Form and Meaning. Subjects for TOEFL junior Comprehensive test are Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking Comprehension.


TOEFL ITP stands for Institutional Training Program. The test is used to assess English Language Proficiency for institutes’ internal structure. These are closely related to IELTS PBT. The only difference here is the exclusion is the Test of Written Expression.

Who can appear for TOEFL?

The people who are making plans to study at colleges or universities where instruction is given in English can appear for the TOEFL test. Furthermore, many government agencies, licensing/certification agencies, and scholarship programs use TOEFL scores to find out the English communication skills of that person. So people who want this kind of benefit can give TOEFL.

What is the TOEFL eligibility regarding the age limit of the candidate?

Everyone is eligible for taking the TOEFL exam. There are no restrictions regarding the age limit of the candidate. ETS has not set any guidelines defining an Age limit or minimum age for the candidates. So, there is no hindrance in TOEFL eligibility regarding the age of the person.

What is the TOEFL eligibility regarding the qualifications of the candidate?

Generally, a person who has passed in 10+2 level of education from any recognized institution is an acceptable qualification for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. In other words, a candidate should have passed from the high school or equivalent to appear for the TOEFL test.

What is the TOEFL eligibility for re-attempts?

The TOEFL test is conducted over 50 times per year at authorized test centers around the world. You can re-attempt the test as many times as you prefer, but there should be a gap of 12 days between two attempts.

What is the TOEFL eligibility regarding the availability of the document?

The following ID documents should be there for admission to a test center:

  1. A printout of the confirmation email from ETS which has the registration number.
  2. A photo identification card. – You should make sure that it has a photo of you, and that the ID card is not expired. IDs like employee ID, credit card, birth certificate, driver's license, are not valid. The id proof should have your name, signature, and photograph.
  3. Valid Passport with name and photograph National ID with name, photograph, and signature

Many of the institutions have their own TOEFL eligibility criteria, so, it is suggested by the experts that candidates should check the eligibility criteria for the TOEFL exam for individual colleges or universities. The universities in major English-speaking countries like the USA and Canada require students to prove their language proficiency for getting admission to their educational institutions. The validity of TOEFL test scores is for only two years.


There are two ways you can approach the TOEFL Preparation. It can be done on your own, where you will understand the TOEFL Exam pattern thoroughly on your own, and then prepare accordingly. There are a number of TOEFL Preparation books available online and offline on ETS, as well as on the Magoosh TOEFL kit. There is no fixed way or plan to follow for the TOEFL Examination, as it is at the end of the day an assessment of the language. However, there are some tips, and materials we can guide you through, to help you with the preparation.

The other way is to enroll yourself for coaching. Coaching can be done both online and offline, depending on the candidate's preference. There are tons of Best TOEFL online preparation courses available, along with TOEFL Preparation Materials Free Downloads in PDF and other formats. Since it is coming from ETS, the TOEFL materials from the ETS are the best way to start the preparation. Here are some other tips to prepare for your TOEFL test:

How to Prepare for TOEFL IBT?

Here are some tips for TOEFL test preparation.

  • The very first thing one should do is give yourself an ample amount of time to prepare for the test.
  • Start thinking in English and try to clear your grammar concepts.
  • Write and Read English as much as you can.
  • Try to have conversations in English.
  • Refer to official sites of ETS to understand the TOEFL test Structure.
  • Then one can purchase books for TOEFL test preparation or can download pdf available online.
  • Also, try to be aware of all the types of questions to be asked in the exam.
  • After a few days of preparation, one can start appearing on the online TOEFL iBT practice test, and once after enough TOEFL test practice has been done, if you are confident enough then you can appear for the exam.
TOEFL Preparation Books and Other Materials

TOEFL practice tests and TOEFL tests online are the best ways to be prepared for anything that might be thrown at you in the exam hall. There is a number of TOEFL sample tests available online, and on the TOEFL website. Where are the TOEFL test practice free materials and paid TOEFL study material available, too?

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