Chartered institute of accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is a leading body of professional accountants in Nigeria and the entire African continent.

It has two branches ATS for those without 1st degree i.e people with o’level, NCE, OND in any discipline not necessarily accounting students.

It has three stages
Six months program each for a stage

The courses are ATS I BAPS, Comm. Skills, business Law & Economics

ATS II PPFA, Quantitative Analysis, PSA & I.T

ATS III P.Audit, Taxation, Cost Accounting & Mgt.

Professional level

Foundation for those with first degree that are not accounting related

Courses are; F.A, Taxation, M.I, B.M.F, & Business Law

For with B Sc or Hnd in accountancy

Courses are Perf. Mgt, C.S.M.E, P.S.A.F, Audit & Finacial Reporting

Final Stage (Professional)

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